character profile// the man who whistles

The Scene : New York City, Lower East Side. 9:15am. Dog walk. She heads down the street, planning on a longer walk than usual. She hears a sound......

The Characte: For those of you in NYC, yes its warmer today, but it hasn't been a pure blue sky and sunshine day. So, a grey warmish morning, and I'm walking the pup and I hear whistling. Some song I don't recognize but I try to place. But definitely a song, its has a beat and its going somewhere, it has melody. Then a voice, "Good Morning beautiful!" I look up and there's the man who whistles. He's a window washer. He has his earphones in and his baseball cap worn low on his brow. Scruffy, like he hasn't had a full shave in a couple weeks. His smile is energized and open, and yet his teeth aren't bright white. But it doesn't matter, because it's everything a smile should be... Happy and communicative and honest. It makes me smile! And I say "oh, hello" back to him. As I start to walk by, slowly, very slowly, the doggie always likes to stop and smell at this specific spot. Always outside coffee shops. I say to him "Have a good day!" He says, "Well, thank you so much. You just made mine." I start to look back at him but he's already turned back to his window and continues to work. Wiping the window, all the way up, all the down, whistling all the while. I smiled for another block.

He stuck with me this man. I saw him again on the way back to the apartment, 30 minutes later, pushing a shopping cart full of his supplies. Still whistling!! This time it is some 80's song, that has now slipped from my mind. I watch him a little bit. I realize that what strikes me is his presence. There he is, working hard, whistling. Smiling. Greeting passerby's. Spreading positive energy. Just living his life. And I just thought 'you sir, are a wonderful human and you've inspired me today'. And thus starts a new idea.... Character Profiles based on real people walking around us every day. In a city like New York, there will be many. 

Final Thought: May you keep on whistling sir. Whistling your heart into the air. I didn't get to tell you, but you made my day.