on the go

Today I write a very short entry. I have been doing errands like you do on a Sunday. Laundry, a late breakfast, getting ready to meet my boyfriend's mom for an afternoon hang out and a show. In the midst of all that, where did time set aside to do this go?? Away!

I was thinking about writing about co-habitation today. It's new in my life. Living with my person. And I'm loving it. We live in a studio with the pup. And its been great even though its small. It is days like today though, that I see that having a room to go to, to work, would help. Maybe. It's hard after a week of busy schedules to pull myself away. 

And with that.... I really do have to go! 

PS- Love this quote:

"Our basic nature is to act, not to be acted upon." - Stephen Covey