rehearsal day one

So I've been working with a show that I was a part of last year, on and off for the last couple of months. It's been great to be in the city and have a source of income, even if its a day here and a day there. Today, I start helping train the new lead of the show. It's fun. I'm really excited to work with this girl, she was wonderful during her auditions. I will say, that a little part of me feels... whats the right word... anxious, bummed that its not me. I left that show because I didn't feel that I was being used the way I wanted to be. I was offstage and learned so much about the process of maintaining a show and my boundaries, what I'm capable of from a completely different angle. But I miss being the person on stage. The person responsible for telling the story.


Anyway, today and for the rest of the week I will try to infuse as much passion for the work and knowledge and confidence into this new girl as she embarks on what could be a very fun journey for her. At the end of the day, or rather, at the beginning (since its early) I feel excited. 


Off I run to rehearsal! Water check. Snack check. Sneakers, Heels, Flats check. Extra shirt check. Sweater check. Notes Check. Harry Potter Check! What am I missing?? Coffee. :)