what a feeling.

Ive been in rehearsals for FLASHDANCE the Musical. I have now set my first show as Associate Choreographer. Ah! I mean, its not over yet, we are about to finish rehearsals in NYC and that means there's still Tech. But, being a part of this process since auditions has been very special. To have all these people come through the audition doors, to see the people that really stood out, that opened themselves up, who shared a piece of themselves. It is crazy when I stop and think about it. There was a lot of talent. There were many who could have filled these slots. But here we are and a part of me thinks I knew it with each of them, the moment they walked in. There was a spark, something special. A look in their eyes maybe. "Hey, I'm in."

 Aren't they sweet?

Aren't they sweet?

It's such a generous, happy company. A company of people that, I hope, will continue to learn from the show. To grow. 

In the meantime, I am not sure where it leaves me. To continue to look for opportunities like this? I feel a part of their process but soon they will go! That's the part of this I'm not looking forward to. I haven't even gone through it yet, and I know I will also feel great joy on Opening Night watching them soar. But, it's built into this 'side of the table', you have to let it go. You are there, you push, you work with, you clean, you teach, you set the show, do the job and then you're work is done.

A couple times during rehearsals, I've been able to stand in, one of the parts has been in flux, and it's silly but I have really loved it. I disappear for one second back into the fabric of the show instead of the person holding the thread. I miss that. 

Today, I got an extra hour in the morning. :) But now, that hour is gone and I have to get ready! We have three more days in the studio. Let's make them count.