breaking it down

I've started to take thoughts and goals I have and break them down. Break them down and down and down until they are in their simplest steps. Or as simple as I can. Until its into one action that I can do, immediately. One action that I can do now, or tomorrow. 

I just realized that I write a lot about getting started, or wanting to start. And thinking about what comes next and how to go about doing that thing. Must be where I am. Well, it is where I am. I'm in the in between. 

Anyway, I've had little projects that I would like to get started. Things that have to do with being an actor, things that have to do with being a happy human, things that I want to do because I live in an awesome city. I've taken them and reduced them to small steps. It's made a big difference. All of a sudden they become manageable because I may not be able to control the far away goal, but I can send an email, take a class, read a book, go for a walk, set up a meeting, do some research, brainstorm. It's been empowering.

So-- I've been wanting to do these readings. Grab a play. Get some friends together. Pick parts. Buy some wine, and read! Then afterwards, talk about it or not, and then go home and plan the next one. Not a performance. Just for us. For some reason, I have not broken this one down and so I don't do it. Let's start now, some possible steps:

-  pick a play, make a list

- make a deadline

- reach out to friends, send an email or text

- pick a place, call that place to set up a reservation 


Guess it's not as hard as I thought. Time to go cross some things off that list.