Out of New York City

I was out of the city last weekend. Driving in a car. Seat warmers on as the winter continues to linger. The sunset over the landscape. Now, I'm from Miami. We have beautiful sunsets, particularly if you are somewhere where you can see the water. But here in the northeast which is where I am.... The sun, the pinks and blues meet the tree line. Homes are spread out. Candles in the windows. Mailboxes in the edge of a dirt road that leads to somewhere.  Every time I get somewhere like this, I'm in awe as if for the first time. I get why people want to come back to nature. For me, I feel that pull towards the ocean. 

The salt. The blue green. The way it just becomes the sky at the horizon. What's silly and true of many a Miami-an is that we don't always get to the beach when we are home. I certainly don't. But, when I do? Exhale. Sospiri. I've had this thought since college, that the ocean can hold anything. The water is strong enough to carry huge ships making their way across long distances and yet, I can dip my toe in it. I remember one time in college where I was feeling particularly overwhelmed. We were about 2 hours away from the beach, and so we drove out and just sat there. And I just gave the ocean my problems, my anxieties, my dreams I would watch them sail into the blue horizon.

I think its good to send things out into the universe. That way it can help. Remember when we were kids and you would wish on a star? The first star that appeared in the sky, that's what my mom used to tell me, and you would wish for something. Big or small. You can't tell anyone or else it might not come true! I don't know that I've done any of the above in a while... wonder if I can see the stars from my window??

Make a wish.