"actors at work"

I have been on a journey reading this book. 

"ACTORS AT WORK." I'm about half way through and I'm so happy to be reading it. 

 Mandy Patinkin on actors.

Mandy Patinkin on actors.

Actors are truly amazing. These actors are. I learn something on every page. Identify with something. Thinking about theatre and why we do it. What it takes to do it? What the point is? For some, its putting all this feeling somewhere. For some its the stories, the characters. Patti Lupone says she does it for the audience. She goes back to the audience over and over as the reason why she works so hard, the reason why the performance stays fresh, the reason to truly give over to the character's story. 

I miss thinking about talking about acting in this way. When I was in college, we talked about characters. These people and their complexities. We challenged each other to go further, to dig deeper and also to let go. And when I left, I felt as though I had just scratched the surface. In the last couple of years though, I feel further from that girl then ever. From the girl who spoke like the people in this book. I turn pages and remember my own thoughts. Something inside me whispers 'yes'.

I want her back.