what do i want

What do I want? What are the actions that I take to get what I want?

We ask this about the characters we play. "She wants love." That may be true. We want different things all the time, in each moment. I want water at the moment. And my action might be to stop typing and go get some. Instead, my desire to process the thoughts running around in my head is in conflict with my thirst. And at the moment, writing wins.

It's amazing how much we learn about the characters we play. We get the perspective and the distance to look at a playwright's writing and make decisions about it. We bring to these impulses our own experience, where we are in our own lives, our own conflicts and desires.  

But what about us? We don't get to study the playwright, or the words. We don't know how the story ends! So, how do we know we are on the right path? My dad says airplanes on the way to a destination are off course 99% of the time. And I know he means to put me at ease with that anecdote. Don't worry, you'll get there. Life can give us unexpected twists and turns that lead us exactly where we are supposed to be. And yet--- Pilots know where they are headed. Atlanta. Or Dubai. Paris, London, Miami. New York. And we don't really.

Maybe its about listening to what our hearts say and trusting that if we just keep following the opportunities and doing our best, the destination will figure itself out. And what matters is how we get there. How we treat the people we work and play with. How we love. How we work. It will matter that we wake up in the day and do our best. Maybe we don't need to worry about the destination so so much. 

Enjoy our lives in each moment. One moment at a time. Let go of a need to control and know. Embrace the uncertainty and realize that within it are endless possibilities.