Balance is what it is ABOUT for me in 2014. Came to me in a daydream last weekend.

Oh yes. I was sitting on the beach (it was wonderful) and I started writing and writing. And balance. That's it. 

I think the actor/artist/theatre/film/entertainment industry (and perhaps all industries?) ask us to define ourselves. Over and over again, more and more specifically. And specificity is good. Knowing what you want? Goooood. But I also think it can make us create a box, or let's others create a box around us. This labeling thing feels very limiting to me (at times). I find myself wincing when people ask me 'so what do you do?' not because I can't answer it but because I have so much I want to do! And I don't have a one word answer. Oh, I'm a lawyer. I'm a barista. I'm a tech person at this cool tech company. 

I want to do so many things. I am so many things. How do you define 'who you are' in one word? That's what what do you do? feels like to me. Maybe because in this industry we are what we do, in a way.

Maybe. "I'm an artist." Is the way to go. And let that word be stand for everything that it stands for. To each of us that may be different. You're a painter. You sculpt. Take pictures of people, of dogs, of landscape, of dancers. You are a wall street guy, but at night you love to play the piano. You listen to music all day while you make graphs and create models. You're a soldier and you create security for the rest of us. A politician, a judge, a president, a kid, a dreamer. We can be all of those things right? And just because we choose one word, or society asks us to at times, doesn't mean that we aren't lots of other things too right? A mother or a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, lover, puppy owner, coffee drinker, crazy person, creative or not, traveller, homebody. We are so many things. 

Acknowledging that makes me feel like balance is possible. Because I don't have to leave part of myself behind, I can bring all the different parts of me along for the ride. And what a ride it is going to be.