don't worry so much.

The best advice ever. 

I went to the acupuncturist recently. I've gone maybe 3 times now total. And I'm not even sure if I know exactly what happens during the session. As I walk in, she greets me and we sit in two chairs facing each other. She holds my hand, takes my pulse and asks me some questions. It goes something like this:

Ming: How are you today? 

Me: Oh good.  

Ming: How have things been going? Any stress? 

Me: Oh you know, yada yada yada. 

Now.... While I'm yada yada yada-ing she's saying 'uh huh uh huh' but really I can tell she's already assessed me. She's felt my pulse and is already deciding what pressure points we're going to use. And then I lay down and she does the needle thing and covers me with an aluminum blanket. The lights go down, the music is on, "focus on your breathing," and she's gone. (For those of you who have not done acupuncture, you gotta go, just to try it. And!!! if you're scared of needles, so am I, but you don't even see them/ feel them.)

By the end. I have been laying there, needles in my ears, head and wrists. One in my solar plexus, for about what I would guess is 15 minutes. She says its for balance, and to get rid of anxiety. And when I get up, I swear I can see clearer. My eyes feel wide, I feel awake, rested, ready, excited even. Last time I was there she left me with this:

Ming: Just focus on your breathing. Whenever you get anxious, just breathe. Slow down. Learn to let go. You're gonna be okay.......... and don't worry so much! 

She smiles at her own matter a factness and leaves the room while I finish putting on my shoes. 


And I just thought, "okay".


(Scheduled my next appointment, immediately.)