I think there's a lot to be said about wanting ease. Wanting things to feel easy. And I don't mean that in a 'I dont want to work hard for things' way. BUT I do think sometimes I over complicate. Or better than that, I don't step back 50 feet and get some perspective. 

Where do we get some of that?? Perspective stuff. It's so easy to fall into a trap of picking out what's wrong. In any moment, even people who seem to have it made, can probably come up with a couple of things that need improving, aren't done, aren't great. I wish it was as easy, and I think it is.... I think its a muscle... but I wish it was as easy to just let those things go. And say, these other things are going well, and I'm doing my best, and I crossed that thing off the list and I'm awesome and life is good!

Because it is good. And it feels better. Doesn't it? It feels better to be living a life that's centered on love and good stuff instead of one spent in avoidance of the bad. Which is a slippery slope. Or to live the life focused on "well, everything could be awesome IF". Oooo the land of IF.  

I really like life. I get down sometimes, and sometimes more than other times. I get this cloud over all the good stuff. And I don't like that cloud, even though I know sometimes clouds are good too. The bad stuff is there so you can figure out what to do with it, or learn from it, or be challenged by it. 

I really do like life though. And everything is good. And easy if I let it and more complicated if I make it so. So why not.... instead of making things complicated, since its gonna get complicated all on its own.... why not, next time the doldrums hit just decide to blow some wind in your own sails and get the heck outta there back into the sunlight. And power up like Superman and be awesome.