an old poem

This is from June 11, 2010.

I was walking around the streets of San Francisco on tour with In the Heights and came across a poet on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. He asked me a few questions. What do I do? What have I been thinking about? First couple things that came to my mind? And then he sat and wrote me this poem.... 


"Today I walk down these streets again and still

no where I've found is home and in my mind

I see snow as I brush it all away to keep moving

I see you in my mind and the journey just keeps

going as now I want you here and I'm not acting

but now I understand the art, picture a place

you need to go and teach your mind again to go 

there so in the beauty of my art I travel again

 and in the beauty of my heart I hold you there

and until I can call some place home I'll

just keep it in pictures and dream you there."

by Lynn Gentry


I especially love the end.