Where does it go?

For the past couple of months I've been recovering from an injury. With forced time on my hands, I found great freedom to do lots of things that I wouldn't usually have time to do. Catch up on TV shows. Go to the bookstore. How many books I have actually read? We don't talk about that. Actually I did read the Harry Potter series, yup all 7 books, for the first time. Take long walks with the pup. Start a blog. Start to write. Start a theatre company! And yet, there were times I was going crazy! And felt guilty about that. So many would love to have the luxury of time, but when it is forced it can be the most frustrating. You want to play but you're stuck in the dugout. Not like decided time off: "oh, I have a month between gigs. I'll take class and reboot." Or "oh, I have scheduled this time off for a vacation!" Vacation. Now, THAT is something I would love to start daydreaming about. Travel. Somewhere I've never been before. Spain. A beach on an island. Back to Paris. The wineries in Italy or in France. Pubs in London. Theatre oh Theatre in London. See the sights! Go to museums. Get a tan! Learn something new! Learn a language, or at least how to order food in another one. Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Thank you. Sigh. Wouldn't that be loverly??


Anyway..... just now, I'm making a timeline for the rest of the year and it will simply FLY by. So quickly. Once there was so much time and now there's limited time, no time! Well, not no time just lots to do. But I'm excited. Ready to get started. Ready to take some of the habits of this time on the bench into the field. Going to the gym, writing in the mornings, waking up early so that I can take the extra lap with the pup and say goodbye to my guy who wakes up ooooh so early. Yikes 6:30am. 

So take time. Take time when there isn't time. Steal time. Steal minutes. Steal kisses. Walk to the coffee shop. Grab a pen and paper, grab a book, grab an ebook!! Grab time by the horns, or by the seconds, and enjoy it. That cliche about it being fleeting? It's true.

So do! Act!!! Enjoy! Live!