character profile// the girl downstairs

You know those girls. You've seen them walking around New York City. 

They look like they woke up and just look like that. And I'm not talking about the model glamazons that roam the streets of New York. There are certainly a lot of very pretty folks in this here city. But there are also these girls! That just are stylish! They have a fashion that looks easy. That looks unplanned. Not off the runway, or edgy. The look, to me, says 'I just woke up and grabbed these things. My eyes were actually closed. I made coffee instead of fussing about makeup. I may throw on some mascara. I didn't have time to do my hair, but I slept in a bun, so that'll be fine.'

THOSE girls. 

Well there's one downstairs. In my building.

She's seems nice too. A neighbor I would actually like to meet!

You know there are some neighbors that you may say hello too, but that is it. There's a wall you will not get by. My next door neighbor is like that. I mean, we share a wall I should be able to call you by your first name. But I TRULY believe he sees me (or my boyfriend) coming and goes the other way. But I digress.


I want to ask her. Did you make decisions this morning? Did you think about which shirt with those overalls?!! Wait, you pulled off overalls? Are those back? (And yes, I think they are. ) Really though, she just always looks effortlessly put together. And I think its so great. I wonder... if she just shops really well for herself?

I think!!! That's a big thing. To know what you like and then find those stores and buy things that you really want to wear. I have so many things I have gotten rid of because at one point they were in style, and I thought I should wear it-- or try it out-- "it's different Natalie, try it out!"-- but most of the time, I knew it wasn't me.


So, to the girl downstairs: With your overalls. With your oversized mustard yellow Cardigan. Your messy bun. Your tote bags. Do you have make up on or not? Where did you get that leather bag? Everyone wants an awesome leather bag. Don't deny it. So cheers to you and your easy style.  And also, lets meet and have coffee.