they stick with you.

Do you ever have characters/ pieces/ monologues/ songs/ dances that beg to come out? That persist. They stay in the front of your mind. You play the songs over again. Rehearse in the moments in your mind. Imagine being on stage with them. Read the script again. Say the monologue. Pretend you know the steps just so you can move to the music?

For me there are a few right now.

Here are two:


"Music and the Mirror" 

I want to learn the choreography, I want to stand on a stage and sing it. She's in there knocking on my heart saying let me play!!! Not sure how I'm going to learn it. Off the video? I have a friend who knows the choreography. Maybe perform it and record it? I don't even know. Choreograph to it? I'm not sure that's it though, I just want to dance it. To get in her shoes and live this moment. It's going to happen.


"Nothing Short of Wonderful"

I want to sing this. Love how the music speaks to whats happening inside of her. Recalls first meeting my guy. The anticipation, the excitement. The imagining what it will be like. I want. 


Flashdance and INTO THE WOODS are on the brain. But that's because I'm working on both right now!! It has been very exciting. Actually, I should get back to that.

Until next time... :)